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Jewelry Artist    Yoshi Ishizuka, G.G.

• Born to love challenges, I left my home country and came to Los Angeles
  to try my luck when I was just 20 years old.

• I attended UCLA to learn English and met a friend who guided me to beauty school.

• After graduating from beauty school, I had my initial training
  under Gean Shacove, a charismatic Hollywood beautician.

• I went out on my own after several years, and spent the next ten years
  as a “beauty consultant” for affluent ladies in Beverly Hills.

• One day, one of my friends asked for my advice when shopping for a diamond.
  The experience excited me so much that I decided to become a jewelry artist.

• To start pursuing my dream, I visited the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to find
  technical books on diamonds. Through the campus tour, which I just happened to join
  on the spot, I became fascinated by the power of gems.

• Today ― even after experiencing challenges that include coming to the U.S.,
  being a beautician, and being a jewelry artist ― my spirit to “take on new challenges”
  hasn’t waned a bit.